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After working with Sarah and her staff to determine their requirements for a new
report, Lucia prepared a paper design for a custom report to display invoices grouped by
invoice item. Lucia then used her paper design to create the report shown in Figure 7-17.
Figure 7-17
Lucia’s design for the custom report
Page Header section
Detail section
Group Footer section
Group Header section
Report Footer section
The custom report will list the records for all invoices and will contain five sections:
• The Page Header section contains the report title (“Invoices by Item”) centered between
the current date on the left and the page number on the right. A horizontal line sepa-
rates the column heading labels from the rest of the report page. From your work with
the Report tool and the Report Wizard, you know that, by default, Access places the
report title in the Report Header section and the date and page number in the Page
Footer section. Sarah prefers the date, report title, and page number to appear at the
top of each page, so you need to place this information in the custom report’s Page
Header section.
• The InvoiceItem field value from the tblInvoice table is displayed in a Group Header
• The Detail section contains the InvoiceDate, InvoiceAmt, and InvoicePaid field values
from the tblInvoice table; the ContractType field value from the tblContract table; the
City field value from the tblCustomer table; and the Customer calculated field value
from the qryCustomersByName query. The detail records are sorted in ascending value
by the InvoiceDate field.
• A subtotal of the InvoiceAmt field values is displayed below a line in the a Group
Footer section.
• The grand total of the InvoiceAmt field values is displayed below a double line in the
Report Footer section.
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