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Figure 7-18
Finished qryInvoicesByItem query in Design view
source tables and source query
for the qryInvoicesByItem query
primary and secondary
sort fields
fields needed for the custom report
Trouble? After you’ve finished creating the query and close it, if you later open
the query in Design view, you’ll see the thicker join lines with referential integrity
enforced connecting the tblCustomer and tblContract table field lists and the
tblContract and tblInvoice table field lists.
Before closing the query, you’ll run it to view the query recordset.
10. Run the query, which displays 172 records, and then close the query.
You’ll use the qryInvoicesByItem query as the record source for Lucia’s custom report.
Creating a Custom Report
You could use the Report Wizard to create the report and then modify it to match the
report design. However, because you need to customize several components of the
report, you will create a custom report in Layout view, and then switch between Layout
and Design view to fine-tune the report. As the first step to creating the report, you need
to display a blank report in Layout view.
Reference Window | Creating a Blank Report in Layout View
• Click the Create tab on the Ribbon.
• In the Reports group on the Create tab, click the Blank Report button to open a blank
report in Layout view.
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