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Making Report Design Modifications
You perform operations in Layout and Design views for reports the same as you perform
operations in these views for forms. These operations become easier with practice. Remem-
ber to use the Undo button, back up your database frequently, save your report changes
frequently, work from a copy of the report for complicated design changes, and compact
and repair the database on a regular basis. You can also display the report in Print Preview
at any time to view your progress on the report.
The record source for the report will the qryInvoicesByItem query. You’ll set the record
source after you create a blank report in Layout view.
To create a blank report and add bound controls in Layout view:
1. Click the Create tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Reports group on the Create
tab, click the Blank Report button. A new report opens in Layout view. In addition,
the Field List pane and the Group, Sort, and Total pane open. See Figure 7-19.
Blank report in Layout view
Figure 7-19
only tables can be listed in the
Field List pane initially
op tions to add a grouping field or a sort
field in the Group, Sort, and Total pane
Trouble? If the Group, Sort, and Total pane is not open on your screen, click the
Group & Sort button in the Grouping & Totals group on the Format tab.
2. Click the Arrange tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Tools group on the Arrange
tab, click the Property Sheet button to open the property sheet for the report.
In the property sheet, click the Record Source arrow, click qryInvoicesByItem ,
and then close the property sheet.
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