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3. Double-click Invoice Paid in the rightmost column, delete Invoice and the follow-
ing space, and then press the Enter key.
4. Drag the right edge of the Paid control to the left to decrease the column’s width.
See Figure 7-21.
After resizing and renaming columns in Layout view
Figure 7-21
column widths increased
column heading renamed and
column width decreased
click to add a grouping field
click to add a sort field
According to Lucia’s plan for the report (see Figure 7-17), the InvoiceItem field is a
grouping field that is displayed in a Group Header section. Subtotals for the InvoiceAmt
field are displayed in a Group Footer section for each InvoiceItem field value.
Sorting and Grouping Data in a Report
Access lets you organize records in a report by sorting them using one or more sort
fields. Each sort field can also be a grouping field. If you specify a sort field as a grouping
field, you can include a Group Header section and a Group Footer section for the group.
A Group Header section typically includes the name of the group, and a Group Footer
section typically includes a count or subtotal for records in that group. Some reports have
a Group Header section but not a Group Footer section, some reports have a Group
Footer section but not a Group Header section, and some reports have both sections or
have neither section.
You use the Group, Sort, and Total pane to select sort fields and grouping fields for a
report. Each report can have up to 10 sort fields, and any of its sort fields can also be
grouping fields.
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