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4. In the “with title Invoice Item” option, click the Invoice Item link to open the
Zoom dialog box, press the Delete key to delete the expression, and then click the
OK button. The Invoice Item label is deleted from the report, and the option in the
group band changes to “with title click to add.”
5. Click the do not keep group together on one page arrow, and then click keep
header and first record together on one page .
6. Click the without a footer section arrow, and then click with a footer section .
Access adds a Group Footer section for the InvoiceItem grouping field, but the
report doesn’t display this new section until you add controls to it.
7. Click the with no totals arrow to open the Totals menu, click the Total On arrow,
click InvoiceAmt , make sure Sum is selected in the Type box, click the Show
Grand Total check box, click the Show in group footer check box, and then click
an empty area of the group band to close the menu. Access adds InvoiceAmt sub-
totals to the report. See Figure 7-24.
Figure 7-24
After setting properties in the group band
property settings changed
in the group band
subtotal and line added to the
Group Footer section
Similar to the sound form design strategy you followed in the previous tutorial, you
should frequently save your report changes and review the report in Print Preview.
8. Save your report changes, switch to Print Preview, and review every page until you
reach the end of the report—noticing in particular the details of the report format
and the effects of the Keep Together property. See Figure 7-25.
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