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Last page of the custom report in Print Preview
Figure 7-25
orphaned footer section
grand total displayed in the
Report Footer section
Trouble? Depending on the printer you are using, the last page of your report
might differ.
The grand total of the InvoiceAmt field values is displayed at the end of the report.
Also, as shown in Figure 7-25, it’s possible for subtotals, which you added to the Group
Footer section, to appear in an orphaned footer section. An orphaned footer section
appears by itself at the top of a page, and the detail lines for the section appear on the
previous page. When you set the Keep Together property for the grouping field, you set it
to keep the group and the first detail record together on one page to prevent an
orphaned header section , which is a section that appears by itself at the bottom of a
page. To prevent both types of orphaned sections, you’ll set the Keep Together property to
keep the whole group together on one page.
In addition, you need to fine-tune the sizes of the text boxes in the Detail section,
adjust the spacing between columns, and make other adjustments to the current content
of the report design before adding a report title, the date, and page numbers to the Page
Header section. You’ll make most of these report design changes in Design view.
Working with Controls in Design View
Compared to Layout view, Design view gives you greater control over the placement and
sizing of controls, and lets you add and manipulate many more controls, but at the
expense of not being able to see live data in the controls to guide you as you make
You’ll switch to Design view to move and resize controls in the report.
To move and resize controls in the report:
1. Switch to Design view. The report has five sections: the Page Header section con-
tains the six column heading labels, the InvoiceItem Header section (a Group
Header section) contains the InvoiceItem text box, the Detail section contains the
six bound controls, the InvoiceItem Footer section (a Group Footer section) contains
a line and the subtotal text box, and the Report Footer section contains a line and
the grand total text box.
The Group, Sort, and Total pane is still open, so first you’ll change the Keep
Together property setting.
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