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After resizing and moving controls in Design view
Figure 7-26
You resized the Customer and ContractType text boxes in Layout view, but you did not
resize them wide enough to display the entire field value in all cases. For the Customer
and ContractType text boxes, you’ll set their Can Grow property to Yes. The Can Grow
property , when set to Yes, expands a text box vertically to fit the field value when the
report is printed, previewed, or viewed in Layout and Report views.
9. Select the Customer and ContractType text boxes in the Detail section, open the
property sheet, click the Format tab in the property sheet, scroll down the prop-
erty sheet, set the Can Grow property to Yes (if necessary), close the property
sheet, and then save your report changes.
10. Switch to Print Preview, and review every page of the report, ending on the last
page of the report. See Figure 7-27.
You can select two or more
controls, and then set com-
mon properties for the
selected controls, instead
of setting them one control
at a time.
Reviewing the report changes in Print Preview
Figure 7-27
text boxes expanded
vertically by the Can
Grow property setting
grand total
The groups stay together on one page, except for the Schematic Plan group, which has too
many lines to fit on one page. The Can Grow property correctly expands the height of the
Customer and ContractType text boxes. Also, the lines that were displayed above the subto-
tals and grand total are no longer displayed. You’ll add those lines back in the report.
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