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After adding lines to the report
Figure 7-28
single line above
the subtotals
your lines might have
different spacing
two lines above the grand total
For the rptInvoicesByItem report, the InvoiceDate field is a sort field. Two or more con-
secutive detail report lines can have the same InvoiceDate field value. In these cases,
Sarah wants the InvoiceDate field value printed for the first detail line but not for subse-
quent detail lines because she believes it makes the printed information easier to read.
Hiding Duplicate Values in a Report
You use the Hide Duplicates property to hide a control in a report when the control’s
value is the same as that of the preceding record in the group.
Hiding Duplicate Values in a Report
| Reference Window
• Display the report in Layout or Design view.
• Open the property sheet for the field whose duplicate values you want to hide, set the
Hide Duplicates property to Yes, and then close the property sheet.
Your next design change to the report is to hide duplicate InvoiceDate field values in
the Detail section. This change will make the report easier to read.
To hide the duplicate InvoiceDate field values:
1. Switch to Design view, and then click below the Report Footer section to deselect
all controls.
2. Open the property sheet for the InvoiceDate text box in the Detail section.
3. Click the All tab (if necessary), click the right side of the Hide Duplicates text box,
and then click Yes . See Figure 7-29.
For properties in the prop-
erty sheet that offer a list
of choices, you can double-
click the property name to
cycle through the options
in the list.
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