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Completed Date and Time dialog box
Figure 7-31
select these
yo u r dates and times
will be different
no time opti ons
6. Click the OK button. The Date function is added to the Report Header section. See
Figure 7-32.
Date function added to the Report Header section
Figure 7-32
Date function
Date & Time
section height increased,
labels moved down, and
line added
The default size for the Date function text box must accommodate long dates and
long times, so the text box is much wider than needed for the date that’ll appear in
the custom report. You’ll decrease its width before moving it to the Page Header
7. Click the Date function text box, decrease its width from the left to one inch total,
right-click an edge of the Date function text box to open the shortcut menu, click
Cut to delete the control, right-click the Page Header section bar to select that
section and open the shortcut menu, and then click Paste . The Date function text
box is pasted in the upper-left corner of the Page Header section.
8. Save your report changes, and then switch to Print Preview to view the date in the
Page Header section. See Figure 7-33.
When you print, preview,
or view the report in
Report or Layout view, the
current date is displayed
instead of the Date func-
tion that appears in the
text box in Design view.
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