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You use the Format options to specify the format of the page number. Sarah wants
page numbers to appear as Page 1, Page 2, and so on. This is the Page N format
option. You use the Position options to place the page numbers at the top of the
page in the Page Header section or at the bottom of the page in the Page Footer
section. Lucia’s design shows page numbers at the top of the page.
2. Make sure that the Page N option button in the Format section and that the Top of
Page [Header] option button in the Position section are both selected.
The report design shows page numbers at the right side of the page. You can
specify this placement in the Alignment list box.
3. Click the Alignment arrow, and then click Right .
4. Make sure the Show Number on First Page check box is checked, so the page
number prints on the first page and all other pages as well. See Figure 7-34.
Completed Page Numbers dialog box
Figure 7-34
click to
select format
click to select
position on page
cl ick to display
alignment options
indicates page
number will be
displayed on all pages
5. Click the OK button. The text box shown in Figure 7-35 appears in the upper-right
corner of the Page Header section. The expression =“Page “ & [Page] in the text
box means that the printed report will show the word “Page” followed by a space
and the page number.
Page number expression added to the Page Header section
Figure 7-35
expression in Page
Header section
The page number text box is much wider than needed for the page number
expression that’ll appear in the custom report. You’ll decrease its width and right-
align it.
6. Click the Page Number text box, decrease its width from the left to one inch total,
and then in the Font group on the Design tab, click the Align Text Right
button .
7. Save your report changes, and then switch to Print Preview. See Figure 7-36.
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