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Figure 7-40
Selecting a standard label
select this Avery
product number
make sure these
options are selected
s e lected
Because the labels are already filtered for the Avery manufacturer, the top list box
shows the Avery product number, dimensions, and number of labels across the
page for each of its standard label formats. You can display the dimensions in the
list in either inches or millimeters by choosing the appropriate option in the Unit of
Measure section. You can also specify in the Label Type section whether the labels
are on individual sheets or are continuous forms.
4. Click the Next button to open the second Label Wizard dialog box, in which you
choose font specifications for the labels.
Sarah wants the labels to use 10-point Arial with a medium font weight and with-
out italics or underlines. The font weight determines how light or dark the charac-
ters will print; you can choose from nine values ranging from thin to heavy.
5. If necessary, select Arial for the font name, 10 for the font size, and Medium for the
font weight; make sure the Italic and the Underline check boxes are not checked and
that black is the text color; and then click the Next button to open the third Label
Wizard dialog box, from which you select the data to appear on the labels.
Sarah wants the mailing labels to print the FirstName and LastName fields on the first
line; the Company field on the second line; the Address field on the third line; and the
City, State, and Zip fields on the fourth line. One space will separate the FirstName
and LastName fields, the City and State fields, and the State and Zip fields.
6. Click FirstName in the Available fields list box, click the button to move the
field to the Prototype label box, press the spacebar , click LastName in the Avail-
able fields list box (if necessary), and then click the button (see Figure 7-41).
The braces around the field names in the Prototype label box indicate that the
name represents a field rather than text that you entered.
Trouble? If you select the wrong field or type the wrong text, highlight the incor-
rect item in the Prototype label box, press the Delete key to remove the item, and
then select the correct field or type the correct text.
7. Press the Enter key to move to the next line in the Prototype label box, and then
use Figure 7-41 to complete the entries in the Prototype label box. Make sure you
press the spacebar after selecting the City field and the State field.
If your label manufacturer
or its labels do not appear
in the list box, you can cre-
ate your own custom for-
mat for them.
If a Company field value is
null in the second line,
Access moves up the third
and fourth lines when you
print or preview the label
report to eliminate the
blank line on the label.
As you select fields from
the Available fields list box
or type text for the label,
the Prototype label box
shows the format for
the label.
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