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Completed label prototype
Figure 7-41
insert spaces here
c ompleted
label format
8. Click the Next button to open the fourth Label Wizard dialog box, in which you
choose the sort fields for the labels.
Sarah wants Zip to be the primary sort field and LastName to be the secondary
sort field.
9. Select the Zip field as the primary sort field, select the LastName field as the sec-
ondary sort field, and then click the Next button to open the last Label Wizard dia-
log box, in which you enter a name for the report.
10. Change the report name to rptCustomerMailingLabels , and then click the Finish
button. Access saves the report as rptCustomerMailingLabels and then opens the
first page of the report in Print Preview. Note that two columns of labels appear
across the page. See Figure 7-42.
Previewing the label content and sequence
Figure 7-42
labels printed in
down sequence
label without
a Company
field value
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