Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
5. Close the report, close the Panorama database, make a backup copy of the data-
base, open the Panorama database, compact and repair the database, close the
database, and then exit Access.
Sarah is very pleased with the modified report and the two new reports, which will
provide her with improved information and help expedite her written communications
with customers.
Session 7.3 Quick Check
1. What is the function and its format to print the current date in a report?
2. How do you insert a page number in the Page Header section?
3. Clicking the Title button in the Controls group on the Design tab adds a report title
to the section.
4. What is a multiple-column report?
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you viewed a report created by the Report tool in Report view, filtered
and copied information in the report, and customized the report in Layout view and
Design view. You then examined general report design guidelines, learned how to use
the guidelines in planning a custom report, and created a query to serve as the record
source for the report. In creating the custom report, you sorted and grouped data; added
fields and modified report controls; added lines; and added the date, page numbers, and
a title. Finally, you created mailing labels.
Key Terms
Can Grow property
custom report
Date function
detail report
Group Footer section
Group Header section
Group, Sort, and Total pane
grouping field
Hide Duplicates property
Keep Together property
Label Wizard
multiple-column report
newspaper-style columns
orphaned footer section
orphaned header section
Report view
snaking columns
summary report
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