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Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
Data File needed for the Review Assignments: Products.accdb ( cont. from Tutorial 6 )
Sarah wants you to create a custom report for the Products database that prints all com-
panies and the products they offer. She also wants you to customize an existing report.
You will perform the tasks for Sarah by completing the following steps:
1. Open the Products database located in the Level.02\Review folder provided with
your Data Files.
2. Modify the rptProductsByCompany report. Figure 7-45 shows a sample of the last
page of the completed report. Refer to the figure as you modify the report.
Figure 7-44
a. Change the Caption property for the report so that it matches the report name.
b. To fit the report on three pages, you might have to change Page Setup properties
and reduce the width of the report in Design view after moving the page number
to the left.
c. Use the Label tool in the Controls group on the Ribbon to add a label that contains
the text total products to the right of the count of the total number of products
displayed in the Report Footer section.
3. After you’ve completed and saved your modifications to the rptProductsByCompany
report, filter the report in Report view, selecting all records that contain the word
“soil” in the ProductType field. Copy the entire filtered report and paste it into a new
Word document. Save the document as rptProductsByCompanyCopy in the
Level.02\Review folder provided with your Data Files. Close Word, and then close
the report without saving changes.
4. Create a query that displays the ProductType and CompanyName fields from the
tblCompany table, and the ProductType, Price, and Unit fields from the tblProduct
table. Sort in ascending order by the first three fields in the query, and then save the
query as qryCompanyProducts .
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