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Figure 7-46
a. Change the conditional formatting rule for the ContractEndDate field to display
the date in red, bold, italic font when the date is more recent than 1/1/2011.
b. Add controls to the last page of the report that calculate the total monthly lesson
cost and total monthly rental cost below the correct columns.
3. Create a query that displays the LastName and FirstName fields from the tblTeacher
table, the LessonType field from the tblContract table, the FirstName and LastName
fields from the tblStudent table, and the MonthlyLessonCost and MonthlyRentalCost
fields from the tblContract table. Sort in ascending order by the first three fields in
the query, and then save the query as qryTeacherLessons .
4. Create a custom report based on the qryTeacherLessons query. Figure 7-48 shows a
sample of the last page of the completed report. Refer to the figure as you create
the report.
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