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| Case Problem 3
Apply what you
learned in the tutorial
to work with a
database that contains
data about an agency
that recycles
household goods.
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Agency.accdb ( cont. from Tutorial 6 )
Rossi Recycling Group Mary Rossi asks you to create a custom report for the Agency
database so that she can better track donations made by donors and to create mailing
labels. You’ll do so by completing the following:
1. Open the Agency database located in the Level.02\Case3 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Create a query that displays the DonationDesc, DonationDate, and DonationValue
fields from the tblDonation table, and the FirstName and LastName fields from the
tblDonor table. Sort in ascending order by the DonationDesc, DonationDate, and
LastName fields, and then save the query as qryDonorDonations .
3. Create a custom report based on the qryDonorDonations query. Figure 7-50 shows a
sample of the last page of the completed report. Refer to the figure as you create
the report.
Figure 7-49
a. Save the report as rptDonorDonations .
b. The DonationDesc field is a grouping field.
c. The DonationDate field is a sort field, and the LastName field is a sort field.
d. Hide duplicate values for the DonationDate field.
e. Create a conditional formatting rule for the DonationValue field to display the
value in blue, bold font when the amount is more than $250.
4. After you’ve created and saved the rptDonorDonations report, filter the report in
Report view, selecting all records whose LastName field value is “Park.” Copy the
entire filtered report and paste it into a new Word document. Save the document as
rptDonorDonationsCopy . Close Word, and then close the report without saving it.
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