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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
5. Press the key. The text is deselected and the insertion point moves to the sec-
ond line in the document.
6. In the Clipboard group on the Home tab, point to the top part of the Paste button.
Both parts of the Paste button are highlighted, but the icon at top is darker to indi-
cate it will be clicked if you press the mouse button.
7. Point to the Paste button arrow . The button arrow is now darker.
8. Click the Paste button arrow . A menu of paste commands opens. See Figure 10.
To select one of the commands on the list, you click it.
Figure 10
Two-part Paste button
click the Paste button
arrow to open a menu
with additional options
Paste commands
9. Click Paste . The menu closes, and the text is duplicated in the second line of the
As you can see, you can quickly access commands and turn features on and off with
the buttons on the Ribbon.
| Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tips
Keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster and more efficiently. A keyboard shortcut is a
key or combination of keys you press to access a tool or perform a command. To quickly
access options on the Ribbon, the Quick Access Toolbar, and the Office Button without
removing your hands from the keyboard:
1. Press the Alt key. Key Tips appear that list the keyboard shortcut for each Ribbon tab,
each Quick Access Toolbar button, and the Office Button.
2. Press the key for the tab or button you want to use. An action is performed or Key Tips
appear for the buttons on the selected tab or the commands for the selected button.
3. Continue to press the appropriate key listed in the Key Tip until the action you want is
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to perform specific commands. For example, Ctrl+S is
the keyboard shortcut for the Save command (you hold down the Ctrl key while you press
the S key). This type of keyboard shortcut appears in ScreenTips next to the command’s
name. Not all commands have this type of keyboard shortcut. Identical commands in each
Office program use the same keyboard shortcut.
Using Galleries and Live Preview
A button can also open a gallery , which is a grid or menu that shows a visual representa-
tion of the options available for that command. For example, the Bullet Library gallery in
Word shows an icon of each bullet style you can select. Some galleries include a More
button that you click to expand the gallery to see all the options in it. When you hover the
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