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b. Use Avery C2163 labels, with the default font and color settings. ( Hint : Be certain
the English option button is selected in the Unit of Measure section.)
c. For the prototype label, place GuestFirstName, a space, and GuestLastName on
the first line; Address on the second line; City, a space, StateProv, a space, and
PostalCode on the third line; and Country on the fourth line.
d. Sort by PostalCode, then by GuestLastName, and then enter the report name
rptGuestLabels .
e. Change the mailing label layout to snaking columns.
5. Make a copy of the rptPropertyReservations report. For the copy use the name
rptPropertyReservationsSummary . Read Access Help to find out how to create a
summary report. Modify the rptPropertyReservationsSummary report as follows:
a. Delete the column heading labels, move up the line in the Page Header section to
just below the remaining controls, and then reduce the height of the section.
b. Add subtotals for the number of reservations and number of people.
c. Change the report to a summary report.
6. Close the Vacation database without exiting Access, make a backup copy of the
database, open the Vacation database, compact and repair the database, close the
database, and then exit Access.
| Case Problem 5
Work with the skills
you’ve learned in the
tutorial to work with
data for an Internet
service provider.
Data File needed for this Case Problem: ACE.accdb ( cont. from Tutorial 6 )
Always Connected Everyday Chris and Pat Dixon want you to create a custom report
and mailing labels for the ACE database. You’ll do so by completing the following:
1. Open the ACE database located in the Level.02\Case5 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Create a query to serve as the record source for the custom report shown in
Figure 7-52, and then save the query as qryAccessPlanCustomers .
3. Create a custom report based on the qryAccessPlanCustomers query. Figure 7-52
shows a sample of the completed report. Refer to the figure as you create the report.
Save the report as rptAccessPlanCustomers .
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