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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
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pointer over an option in a gallery, Live Preview shows the results you would achieve in
your file if you clicked that option. To continue the bullets example, when you hover over a
bullet style in the Bullet Library gallery, the current paragraph or selected text previews that
bullet style. By moving the pointer from option to option, you can quickly see the text set
with different bullet styles; you can then select the style that works best for your needs.
To use a gallery and Live Preview:
1. In the Paragraph group on the Home tab, click the Bullets button arrow
The Bullet Library gallery opens.
2. Point to the check mark bullet style. Live Preview shows the selected bullet style
in your document, so you can determine if you like that bullet style. See Figure 11.
Live Preview of bullet style
Figure 11
click the Bullets
button arrow to
open a gallery of
bullet styles
Bullets button
Bullet Library
Live Preview of
the bullet style
highlighed in
the gallery
3. Place the pointer over each of the remaining bullet styles and preview them in your
You don’t want to add bullets to your document right now, so you’ll close the Bullet
Library gallery and deselect the Bullets button.
4. Press the Esc key on the keyboard. The Bullet Library gallery closes and the Bullets
button is deselected.
5. Press the Backspace key on the keyboard to delete the text “Recycled Palette” on
the second line.
Galleries and Live Preview let you quickly see how your file will be affected by a
Opening Dialog Boxes and Task Panes
The button to the right of the group names is the Dialog Box Launcher , which you click
to open a task pane or dialog box that provides more advanced functionality for that
group of tasks. A task pane is a window that helps you navigate through a complex task
or feature. For example, the Clipboard task pane allows you to paste some or all of the
items that have been cut or copied from any Office program during the current work ses-
sion and the Research task pane allows you to search a variety of reference resources
from within a file. A dialog box is a window from which you enter or choose settings for
how you want to perform a task. For example, the Page Setup dialog box in Word con-
tains options for how you want a document to look. Some dialog boxes organize related
information into tabs, and related options and settings are organized into groups, just as
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