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Figure 8-3
qryCustomersByName query in the Internet Explorer window
query name appears
as the Web page title
address for the Web page
(your path might be different)
graphic su pplied
by the template
records from the
Trouble? If Internet Explorer does not appear in the program list but another
Web browser does appear, click the name of that browser. When you use another
Web browser, your screens might look slightly different from the screen shown in
the figure.
Changes that employees make to the Panorama database will not appear in the Cus-
tomers by Name Web page that you created because it is a static Web page —that is, it
reflects the state of the qryCustomersByName query in the Panorama database at the time
you created it. If data in the qryCustomersByName query changes, you will need to
export the query as an HTML document again.
Because this static Web page is not linked to the qryCustomersByName query on
which it is based, you cannot use your browser to make changes to its data. Before clos-
ing the Customers by Name Web page, you’ll try to change one of its field values.
To attempt to change a field value, and then close the browser:
1. Double-click MI in the State column for the first record (Battle Creek Dental Part-
ners), and then type NY . The value of MI remains highlighted and unchanged,
because the Customers by Name Web page is a static page.
2. Click the Close button on the Internet Explorer window title bar to close it
and to return to Windows Explorer.
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