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Verifying the delimiter for values in the CSV file
Figure 8-5
option to check
when the first
row contains
field (column)
option to choose quotation
marks as a value delimiter
selected delimiter
six record s in
the source file
six fields in the source file
The CSV source file contains six records with six fields in each record. A comma
serves as the delimiter for values in each line, so the Comma option button is
selected. The first row in the source file contains the first record, not field names,
so the First Row Contains Field Names check box is not checked. If the source file
uses either single quotation marks or double quotation marks to enclose values,
you would click the Text Qualifier arrow to choose the appropriate option.
5. Click the Next button to open the third Import Text Wizard dialog box, in which
you enter the field name and set other properties for the imported fields. You will
import all fields from the source file and use the default data type and indexed
settings for each field.
6. Type CustomerID in the Field Name text box, and then click Field2 in the table
list. CustomerID (partially hidden) is the heading for the first column in the table
list, and the second column is selected.
7. Repeat Step 6 for the rightmost five columns, typing BillingCompany ,
BillingAddress , BillingCity , BillingState , and BillingZip in the Field Name text
box. See Figure 8-6.
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