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Figure 8-6
After setting field names for the six fields in the source file
default data type for
the selected column
field name for selected column
leave this
for all fields
field names for the six columns
8. Click the Next button to open the fourth Import Text Wizard dialog box, in which
you select the primary key for the imported table. CustomerID, the first column,
will be the primary key.
9. Click the Choose my own primary key option button, make sure CustomerID
appears in the list box for the option, click the Next button, click the I would like
a wizard to analyze my table after importing the data check box, and then
click the Finish button. An Import Text Wizard dialog box opens asking if you want
to analyze the table.
After importing data and creating a new table, you can use the Import Text Wizard to
analyze the imported table. When you choose this option, you start the Table Analyzer.
Analyzing a Table with the Table Analyzer
Read the Normalization
section in the appendix
titled “Relational
Databases and Database
Design” for more informa-
tion about normalization
and third normal form.
The Table Analyzer analyzes a single table and, if necessary, splits it into two or more
tables that are in third normal form. The Table Analyzer looks for redundant data in the
table. When the Table Analyzer encounters redundant data, it removes redundant fields
from the table and then places the redundant fields in new tables.
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