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Import XML dialog box
Figure 8-8
table name as defined
in the XML document
option to import
the table’s structure
and data
From the XML file, you can import only the table structure to a new table, import
the table structure and data to a new table, or append the data in the XML file to
an existing table. You’ll import the table structure and data to a new table named
4. Make sure the Structure and Data option button is selected, click tblProspect in
the list box, and then click the OK button. The Import XML dialog box closes, and
the last Get External Data - XML File dialog box is displayed.
Before reviewing the imported table, you’ll save the import steps.
Saving and Running Import Specifications
If you need to repeat the same import procedure many times, you can save the steps for
the procedure and expedite future imports by running the saved import steps without
using a wizard. Because the builder intends to send Sarah additional lists of prospective
customers in the future, you’ll save the import steps for Sarah.
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