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Manage Data Tasks dialog box
Figure 8-10
click to display saved exports
click to add or modify
a description for the
saved import
path and filename for
the saved file (your path
might be different)
selected saved import
instructions for editing
the saved import name
or description
In this dialog box, you can change the saved import name, add or change its descrip-
tion, create an Outlook task for the saved import, run a saved import, or delete a saved
import. You can also manage any saved export by clicking the Saved Exports tab. You’ll
add a description for the saved procedure and review the list of saved exports.
4. Click the Click here to edit the description link to open an editing box, type
Builder’s XML file of customer prospects , click an unused portion of the orange
selection band to close the editing box and accept the typed description, and then
click the Saved Exports tab. You have not saved any export steps, so no saved
exports are displayed.
5. Click the Close button to close the Manage Data Tasks dialog box.
6. Double-click the tblProspect table in the Navigation Pane to open the table
datasheet, close the Navigation Pane, resize all columns to their best fit, and then
click 12001 in the first row in the CustomerID column to deselect all values. See
Figure 8-11.
Imported tblProspect table datasheet
Figure 8-11
7. Save and close the table.
Sarah next asks you to export the tblInvoice table as an XML file.
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