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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
they are on the Ribbon. You select settings in a dialog box using option buttons, check
boxes, text boxes, lists, and other controls to collect information about how you want to
perform a task.
In Excel, you’ll use the Dialog Box Launcher for the Page Setup group to open the
Page Setup dialog box.
To open the Page Setup dialog box using the Dialog Box Launcher:
1. Click the Microsoft Excel – Book1 button on the taskbar to switch from Word
to Excel.
2. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
3. In the Page Setup group, click the Dialog Box Launcher , which is the small button
to the right of the Page Setup group name. The Page Setup dialog box opens with
the Page tab displayed. See Figure 12.
Figure 12
Page tab in the Page Setup dialog box
click a tab to
view a group of
related controls
click the Dialog
Box Launc h er to
open a dialog box
click an option
button to select
that option in
the group
click the up or down spin
arrow to increase or
decrease the number
click the list arrow and
click an option in the list
click in the
text box and
type an entry
c lick a button to
open another dialog
box or window
click to accept the
changes and close
the dialog box
click to close the
dialog box without
making any changes
4. Click the Landscape option button. The workbook’s page orientation changes to a
page wider than it is long.
5. Click the Sheet tab. The dialog box displays options related to the worksheet. You
can click a check box to turn an option on (checked) or off (unchecked). You can
check more than one check box in a group, whereas you can select only one option
button in a group.
6. In the Print group, click the Gridlines check box and the Row and column headings
check box. Check marks appear in both check boxes, indicating that these options are
You don’t want to change the page setup right now, so you’ll close the dialog box.
7. Click the Cancel button. The dialog box closes without making any changes to the
page setup.
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