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6. Click the Schema tab. See Figure 8-13.
Figure 8-13
Schema tab in the Export XML dialog box
option to export
the table structure
option to include
the table structure
in the XML file
Along with the data from the tblInvoice table, you’ll be exporting its table struc-
ture, including information about the table’s primary key, indexes, and table and
field properties. You can include this information in a separate XSD ( XML
Structure Definition ) file, or you can embed the information in the XML file. The
accounting package expects a single XML file, so you’ll embed the structure infor-
mation in the XML file.
7. Click the Embed schema in exported XML data document option button to
select that option and to dim the “Create separate schema document” text box,
and then click the Presentation tab.
The Presentation tab options let you export a separate XSL ( Extensible
Stylesheet Language ) file containing the format specifications for the tblInvoice
table data. Unlike HTML, XML provides no screen formatting information. An XSL
file provides formatting instructions so that a browser or another program can dis-
play the data in the XML file in a readable way. The accounting package will
import the tblInvoice table data directly into its computer program, which contains
its own formatting instructions, so you will not export an XSL file.
8. Make sure that the Export Presentation (HTML 4.0 Sample XSL) check box is
not checked, and then click the OK button. Access closes the Export XML dialog
box, exports the data in the tblInvoice table as an XML file in the Level.02\Tutorial
folder, and returns you to the final Export - XML File dialog box.
Sarah plans to make further tests exporting the tblInvoice table as an XML file, so
you’ll save the export steps.
Saving and Running Export Specifications
Saving the steps to export the tblInvoice table as an XML file will save time and eliminate
errors when Sarah repeats the export procedure. You’ll save the export steps and then
show Sarah how to run the saved export steps.
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