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To save and run the XML file export steps:
1. Click the Save export steps check box. The dialog box expands to display addi-
tional options for the save operation.
The expanded dialog box has the same options you saw earlier when you saved the
XML import steps. You’ll enter a description, and you won’t create an Outlook task
because Sarah will be running the saved export steps on an as needed basis.
2. In the Description text box, type XML file accounting entries from the
tblInvoice table . See Figure 8-14.
Saving the export steps
Figure 8-14
filename of the
exported file (your path
might be different)
clicked to
expand the
dialog box
d efault name of the
saved export steps
description you entered
3. Click the Save Export button. The export steps are saved as Export-tblInvoice, the
Export - XML File dialog box closes, and the tblInvoice table is exported as an XML
file named tblInvoice.
You’ll now show Sarah how she can to run the saved steps.
4. Click the External Data tab on the Ribbon (if necessary), and in the Export group
on the External Data tab, click the Saved Exports button. The Manage Data Tasks
dialog box opens. See Figure 8-15.
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