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Format Data Series dialog box
Figure 8-25
color palette
click to select
orange color
sa mple of
selected color
The sample color in the dialog box changes to orange to match the selected color
in the color palette.
6. Click the OK button to close the dialog box and to change the color of the data
markers in the chart in the Graph window and in the form to orange.
7. In the Graph window, double-click the white chart background to open the Format
Chart Area dialog box, click the light orange box (row 5, column 2) in the color palette
in the Area section, and then click the OK button. The background color changes to
light orange in the chart in the Graph window and in the form.
8. Click File on the Graph menu bar, and then click Exit & Return to
frmContractsAndInvoices to exit Graph and return to the form.
9. Save your form design changes, switch to Form view, navigate to record 5 in the
main form, click the Invoice Chart tab to display the chart, and then scroll down
the form (if necessary). See Figure 8-26.
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