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Sample PivotTable
Figure 8-27
column field item
filter field
column field
detail field
filter field item
row field
row field items
detail values
A PivotTable contains the following basic components:
•The detail area , consisting of a detail field and detail values , provides details or totals
from a database table or query. In Figure 8-27, the detail field is the InvoiceAmt field
from the tblInvoice table, and the detail values are the InvoiceAmt field values.
•The row area , consisting of a row field and row field items , provides row groupings in
the PivotTable. In Figure 8-27, the row field is the City field from the tblCustomer table,
and the row field items are the City field values.
•The column area , consisting of a column field and column field items , provides column
groupings in the PivotTable. In Figure 8-27, the column field is the InvoicePaid field from
the tblInvoice table, and the column field items are the InvoicePaid field values.
•The filter area , consisting of a filter field and filter field items , lets you restrict which
data appears in the PivotTable. In Figure 8-27, the filter field is the InvoiceDate field
from the tblInvoice table, and the filter field item is “All” dates, which means that all
InvoiceDate field values are represented in the PivotTable.
• All the PivotTable areas—detail area, row area, column area, and filter area—can have
multiple fields with multiple field items.
When you work with PivotTables, you use another program, the Office PivotTable
Component , which is one of the Office Web Components that are part of Office 2007.
Therefore, you can use PivotTables with other programs such as Excel. You can create
PivotTables with Access tables and queries; the PivotTable view with these Access objects
provides this capability.
Creating a PivotTable
Sarah wants to analyze invoice amounts by city and by invoice date in various ways.
You’ll create a PivotTable using the qryInvoicesByItem query to let her perform this
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