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After adding the four fields to the PivotTable
Figure 8-29
filter field
column field
row field
selected fields
detail values
The PivotTable displays all the InvoiceAmt field values from the source query orga-
nized by city and invoice status (unpaid or paid).
4. Close the PivotTable Field List pane.
Sarah can filter the PivotTable using one or more of the four selected fields. She can
also add total fields and hide the detail values in the PivotTable.
Filtering and Summarizing Data in a PivotTable
A total field summarizes values from a source field. For example, Sarah can add subtotals
and a grand total of the InvoiceAmt field values to the PivotTable. You’ll show Sarah how
to filter data in the PivotTable and how to add subtotals by city and a grand total for the
InvoiceAmt field values.
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