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To filter data and add a total field in a PivotTable:
1. Click the City arrow, click the All check box to clear all the selections, click the
East Lansing check box, click the Lansing check box, click the Rockford check
box, and then click the OK button. Access applies the City filter and display total
invoice amounts for the three selected cities. See Figure 8-30.
Figure 8-30
Filtering data by city
You’ve applied a filter to
the row field. In a similar
way, you can apply filters
to the column, filter, and
detail fields.
The applied City filter displays all the InvoiceAmt field values from the source
query for the cities of East Lansing, Lansing, and Rockford.
2. Click one of the InvoiceAmt column heading labels; in the Tools group on the
Design tab, click the AutoCalc button, click Sum , and then click to the right of the
PivotTable to deselect all values. Access adds a new row for each city in the
PivotTable that displays the city’s InvoiceAmt total and a new row at the bottom of
the PivotTable that displays the grand total for the displayed InvoiceAmt values.
See Figure 8-31.
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