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•The category field identifies each value that’s displayed as a category axis label ; each
category axis label identifies an individual data marker. In Figure 8-33, the City field is
the category field; East Lansing, Lansing, and Rockford are the category axis labels.The
data markers show the total unpaid and paid InvoiceAmt field values for each city.
•The filter field lets you restrict which data appears in the PivotChart. In Figure 8-33, the
filter field is the InvoiceDate field. The “All” value below InvoiceDate indicates that no
filter has been applied to the filter field.
•The series field identifies the data markers’ subdivisions or splits. In Figure 8-33, the
InvoicePaid field is the series field, and each pair of data markers represent the two val-
ues for the InvoicePaid field. (The series field is not visible in Figure 8-33) The left data
marker represents unpaid invoices, and the right data marker represents paid invoices.
An optional legend provides a list of the series field values and how these values are
indicated on the data markers. (Figure 8-33 does not include a legend.)
Next, you’ll show Sarah how to modify the PivotChart.
To modify the PivotChart:
1. Close the Chart Field List pane. The InvoicePaid field, which is the series field for
the PivotChart, is now visible to the right of the PivotChart.
2. In the Show/Hide group on the Design tab, click the Legend button. A legend is
displayed below the InvoicePaid field and indicates that the blue bars represent
unpaid invoices (No value) and the red bars represent paid invoices (Yes value).
Sarah wants to change the City filter to display data for Grand Rapids, Holland,
Kalamazoo, and Lansing.
3. Click the City arrow, click the East Lansing check box to clear it, click the
Rockford check box to clear it, click the Grand Rapids check box to select it, click
the Holland check box to select it, click the Kalamazoo check box to select it, and
then click the OK button. Access applies the City filter, displays total invoice
amounts for the four selected cities, and changes the scale of the vertical axis and
its value axis labels. See Figure 8-34.
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