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After changing the chart type and data marker colors
Figure 8-35
DodgerBlue color
Tomato color
8. Close the Properties dialog box, save your PivotTable and PivotChart changes, and
then close the query.
9. Open the Navigation Pane, open the qryInvoicesByItem query datasheet to dis-
play the 172 records in the query, switch to PivotChart view to display the saved
PivotChart, switch to PivotTable view to display the saved PivotTable, and then
close the query.
Sarah’s staff maintains an Excel worksheet that tracks the products Belmont Land-
scapes has used for its landscaping projects. Sarah want to use the product data in the
Panorama database.
Linking Data from an Excel Worksheet
Sarah’s staff has extensive experience working with Excel and prefers to maintain the data
in the Products worksheet using Excel. However, Sarah needs to reference the products
data in the Panorama database, and the data she’s referencing must always be the current
version of the worksheet data. Importing the Excel worksheet data as an Access table
would provide Sarah with data that’s quickly out of date unless she repeats the import steps
each time the data in the Excel worksheet changes. Because Sarah doesn’t need to update
the products data in the Panorama database, you’ll link to the worksheet from the database.
When the staff changes the Products worksheet, the changes will be reflected automatically
in the linked version of the table in the database. At the same time, Sarah won’t be able to
update the products data from the Panorama database, which ensures that only the staff
members responsible for maintaing the Excel worksheet can update the data.
You’ll now link to the data in the Excel worksheet.
To link to the data in the Excel worksheet:
1. Click the External Data tab on the Ribbon, and then in the Import group on the
External Data tab, click the Excel button (with the ScreenTip “Import Excel
spreadsheet”). The Get External Data - Excel Spreadsheet dialog box opens.
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