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Opening Shortcut Menus
A shortcut menu is a list of commands related to a selection that opens when you click
the right mouse button. Each shortcut menu provides access to the commands you’ll
most likely want to use with the object or selection you right-click. The shortcut menu
includes commands that perform actions, commands that open dialog boxes, and galler-
ies of options that provide Live Preview. The Mini toolbar also opens when you right-
click. If you click a button on the Mini toolbar, the rest of the shortcut menu closes while
the Mini toolbar remains open so you can continue formatting the selection. Using a
shortcut menu provides quick access to the commands you need without having to
access the tabs on the Ribbon. For example, you can right-click selected text to open a
shortcut menu with a Mini toolbar, text-related commands, such as Cut, Copy, and Paste,
as well as other program-specific commands.
You’ll use a shortcut menu in Excel to delete the content you entered in cell A1.
To use a shortcut menu to delete content:
1. Right-click cell A1 . A shortcut menu opens, listing commands related to common
tasks you’d perform in a cell, along with a Mini toolbar. See Figure 16.
Shortcut menu with Mini toolbar
Figure 16
Mini toolbar appears ab ove
the shortcut menu
click a command with ellipsis
to open a dialog box
click a command to
perform an action
point to an arrow to open a
submenu of additional options
shortcut menu
You’ll use the Clear Contents command to delete the bold text from cell A1.
2. Click Clear Contents on the shortcut menu. The shortcut menu closes, the Mini
toolbar disappears, and the formatted text is removed from cell A1.
You’ll use the Clear Contents command again to delete the year from cell A2.
3. Right-click cell A2 , and then click Clear Contents on the shortcut menu. The year
is removed from cell A2.
Press the Esc key to close
an open menu, shortcut
menu, list, gallery, and so
forth without selecting an
Shortcut menus enable you to quickly access commands that you’re most likely to
need in the context of the task you’re performing.
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