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3. Export the rptProgramMembership report as an HTML document to the Level.02\Case2
folder; do not use a template or save the export steps. Use your Web browser to open
the rptProgramMembership HTML document. Then scroll to the bottom of the page;
use the First, Previous, Next, and Last links to navigate through the document.
4. Import the XML file named CreditCard, which is located in the Level.02\Case2
folder, as a new table named tblCreditCard . Save the import steps.
5. Export the tblProgram table as an XML file named tblProgram to the Level.02\Case2
folder; do not create a separate XSD file. Save the export steps.
6. Link to the Schedule workbook, which is located in the Level.02\Case2 folder, using
tblSchedule as the table name. For ClassID 301, change the ClassDay value to F .
7. Modify the frmProgramsAndMembers form in the following ways:
a. Add a tab control to the bottom of the Detail section, and place the existing
subform on the first page of the tab control.
b. Change the caption for the left tab to Member Data and for the right tab to
Member Chart .
c. Change the caption for the main form’s navigation buttons to Program and for the
subform’s navigation buttons to Member .
d. Add a chart to the second page of the tab control. Use the tblMember table as the
record source, select the ProgramID and MembershipStatus fields, use the Clus-
tered Column chart type, include a legend, and use Membership Status as the
chart title.
e. Change the color of the right data marker (or the middle data marker, depending
on whether you see two or three data markers) to red.
8. Open the qryMonthlyFeeStatus query and create a PivotTable with MonthlyFee as the
detail field, MonthlyFeeStatus as the column field, LastName as the row field, and
ProgramType as the filter field. Add subtotals and a grand total of the MonthlyFee val-
ues, hide the details, and filter the ProgramType field to display only programs for
9. Switch to PivotChart view for the qryMonthlyFeeStatus query. Change the chart type
to Clustered Bar, display the legend, change the data markers to colors of your
choice, and then save the query.
10. Close the Training database without exiting Access, make a backup copy of the data-
base, open the Training database, compact and repair the database, close the data-
base, and then exit Access.
| Case Problem 3
Use the skills you
learned in the tutorial
to integrate and ana-
lyze data about an
agency that recycles
household goods.
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Agency.accdb ( cont. from Tutorial 7 ) and
Rossi Recycling Group Mary Rossi wants you to integrate the data in the Agency data-
base with other programs, and she wants to be able to analyze the data in the database.
You’ll help her achieve these goals by completing the following:
1. Open the Agency database located in the Level.02\Case3 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Export the qryNetDonationsCrosstab query as an HTML document to the
Level.02\Case3 folder; do not use a template. Save the file as
qryNetDonationsCrosstab . Save the export steps.
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