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5. Modify one of the existing forms or create a new form so that the form uses a tab
control. Change the caption for the navigation buttons, and set the captions for the
tab labels.
6. For one of the existing queries (or create a new query), create a PivotTable, add sub-
totals and a grand total, apply a filter, and hide details. In PivotChart view, display
the legend and make any other appropriate changes.
7. Close the ACE database without exiting Access, make a backup copy of the data-
base, open the ACE database, compact and repair the database, close the database,
and then exit Access.
| Internet Assignments
Use the Internet to
find and work with
data related to the
topics presented in
this tutorial.
The purpose of the Internet Assignments is to challenge you to find information on the
Internet that you can use to work effectively with this software. The actual assignments
are updated and maintained on the Course Technology Web site. Log on to the Internet
and use your Web browser to go to the Student Online Companion for New Perspectives
Office 2007 at . Then navigate to the Internet
Assignments for this tutorial.
| SAM Assessment and Training
If you have a SAM user profile, you may have access to hands-on instruction, practice,
and assessment of the skills covered in this tutorial. Log in to your SAM account
( ) to launch any assigned training activities or exams that
relate to the skills covered in this tutorial.
| Quick Check Answers
Session 8.1
1. a vast collection of digital documents available on the Internet; Web browser
2. links one Web page to another Web page or Web site, or to another location in the
same Web page
3. language used to create most Web pages
4. An HTML template is a file that contains HTML instructions for creating a Web page
with both text and graphics, together with special instructions that tell Access where
to place the Access data in the page.
5. shows the state of the database at the time the page was created; any subsequent
changes made to the database object, such as updates to field values in records, are
not reflected in a static Web page
6. a text file in which commas separate values, and each line is a record containing the
same number of values in the same positions
7. an Access tool that analyzes a single table and, if necessary, splits it into two or
more tables that are in third normal form
8. XML (Extensible Markup Language)
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