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In Depth Information
Relational Databases
and Database Design
• Learn the characteris-
tics of a table
• Learn about primary,
candidate, alternate,
composite, and
foreign keys
• Study one-to-one, one-
to-many, and many-to-
many relationships
• Learn to describe tables
and relationships with
entity-relationship dia-
grams and with a short-
hand method
• Study database integrity
constraints for primary
keys, referential
integrity, and domains
• Learn about determi-
nants, functional
anomalies, and
• Understand the differ-
ences among natural,
artificial, and
surrogate keys
• Learn about naming
This appendix introduces you to the basics of database design. Before trying to
master this material, be sure you understand the following concepts: data, infor-
mation, field, field value, record, table, relational database, common field, data-
base management system (DBMS), and relational database management system
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