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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
Reference Window | Getting Help
• Click the Microsoft Office Help button (the button name depends on the Office program).
• Type a keyword or phrase in the “Type words to search for” box, and then click the
Search button.
• Click a Help topic in the search results list.
• Read the information in the Help window. For more information, click other topics or links.
• Click the Close button on the Help window title bar.
You open the Help window by clicking the Microsoft Office Help button located
below the sizing buttons in every Office program. Each program has its own Help window
from which you can find information about all the Office commands and features as well as
step-by-step instructions for using them. You can search for information in the Help window
using the “Type words to search for” box and the Table of Contents pane.
The “Type words to search for” box enables you to search the Help system using key-
words or phrases. You type a specific word or phrase about a task you want to perform or a
topic you need help with, and then click the Search button to search the Help system. A list
of Help topics related to the keyword or phrase you entered appears in the Help window. If
your computer is connected to the Internet, your search results come from Microsoft Office
Online rather than only the Help topics stored locally on your computer. You can click a link
to open a Help topic with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through a specific
procedure and/or provide explanations of difficult concepts in clear, easy-to-understand
language. For example, if you type “format cell” in the Excel Help window, a list of Help
topics related to the words you typed appears in the Help window. You can navigate through
the topics you’ve viewed using the buttons on the Help window toolbar. These
buttons—including Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, Home, and Print—are the same as those in
the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser.
You’ll use the “Type words to search for” box in the Help window to obtain more
information about printing a document in Word.
To use the “Type words to search for” box:
1. Click the Microsoft Office Word Help button . The Word Help window opens.
2. Click the Type words to search for box, if necessary, and then type print
document . You can set where you want to search.
3. Click the Search button arrow . The Search menu shows the online and local con-
tent available.
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