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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
Figure 21
Print a file Help topic
click to move
forward to previously
viewed windows
click to print
the current
click to close
the Help
click to back up
to previously
viewed windows
click to open
the Table of
Contents pane
content of the Help
topic selected from
the search results list
shows whether
you are connected
to Microsoft
Office Online
Trouble? If you don’t see the Print a file Help topic on page 1, its current location
might be on another page. Click the Next link to move to the next page, and then
scroll down to find the Print a file topic, repeating to search additional pages until
you locate the topic.
8. Read the information.
Another way to find information in the Help system is to use the Table of Contents
pane. The Show Table of Contents button on the Help window toolbar opens a pane that
displays a list of the Help system content organized by subjects and topics, similar to a
book’s table of contents. You click main subject links to display related topic links. You
click a topic link to display that Help topic in the Help window. You’ll use the Table of
Contents to find information about getting help in Office.
To use the Help window table of contents:
1. Click the Show Table of Contents button on the Help window toolbar. The
Table of Contents pane opens on the left side of the Help window.
2. Click Getting help in the Table of Contents pane, scrolling up if necessary. The
Getting help “book” opens, listing the topics related to that subject.
3. Click the Work with the Help window topic, and then click the Maximize button
on the title bar. The Help topic is displayed in the maximized Help window, and
you can read the text to learn more about the various ways to obtain help in Word.
See Figure 22.
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