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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
To print the Word document:
1. Make sure your printer is turned on and contains paper.
2. Click the Office Button
, and then click Print . The Print dialog box opens. See
Figure 23.
Figure 23
Print dialog box
your printer
might be
option for changing
the number of
copies to print
options for
which pages
to print
Trouble? If a menu of Print commands opens, you clicked the Print button arrow on
the two-part Print button. Click Print on the menu to open the Print dialog box.
3. Verify that the correct printer appears in the Name box in the Printer group. If
necessary, click the Name arrow, and then click the correct printer from the list of
available printers.
4. Verify that 1 appears in the Number of copies box.
5. Click the OK button to print the document.
Trouble? If the document does not print, see your instructor or technical support
person for help.
Exiting Programs
When you finish working with a program, you should exit it. As with many other aspects of
Office, you can exit programs with a button or a command. You’ll use both methods to exit
Word and Excel. You can use the Exit command to exit a program and close an open file in
one step. If you haven’t saved the final version of the open file, a dialog box opens, asking
whether you want to save your changes. Clicking the Yes button saves the open file, closes
the file, and then exits the program.
To exit the Word and Excel programs:
1. Click the Close button on the Word title bar to exit Word. The Word document
closes and the Word program exits. The Excel window is visible again.
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