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Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007
| Review Assignments
Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial.
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Finances.xlsx, Letter.docx
You need to prepare for an upcoming meeting at Recycled Palette. You’ll open and print
documents for the presentation. Complete the following:
1. Start PowerPoint.
2. Use the Help window to search Office Online for the PowerPoint demo “Demo: Up
to Speed with PowerPoint 2007.” ( Hint : Use “demo” as the keyword to search for,
and make sure you search All PowerPoint in the Content from Office Online list. If
you are not connected to the Internet, continue with Step 3.) Open the Demo topic,
and then click the Play Demo link to view it. Close Internet Explorer and the Help
window when you’re done.
3. Start Excel.
4. Switch to the PowerPoint window using the taskbar, and then close the presentation
but leave open the PowerPoint program. ( Hint: Click the Office Button and then
click Close.)
5. Open a new, blank PowerPoint presentation from the New Presentation dialog box.
6. Close the PowerPoint presentation and program using the Close button on the
PowerPoint title bar; do not save changes if asked.
7. Open the Finances workbook located in the OFF\Review folder included with your
Data Files.
8. Use the Save As command to save the workbook as Recycled Palette Finances in the
OFF\Review folder.
9. Type your name, press the Enter key to insert your name at the top of the worksheet,
and then save the workbook.
10. Print one copy of the worksheet using the Print button on the Office Button menu.
11. Exit Excel using the Office Button.
12. Start Word, and then open the Letter document located in the OFF\Review folder
included with your Data Files.
13. Use the Save As command to save the document with the filename Recycled Palette
Letter in the OFF\Review folder.
14. Press and hold the Ctrl key, press the End key, and then release both keys to move
the insertion point to the end of the letter, and then type your name.
15. Use the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the change to the Recycled
Palette Letter document.
16. Print one copy of the document, and then close the document.
17. Exit the Word program using the Close button on the title bar.
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