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At home, school, or work, you probably complete many types of tasks, such as writing
letters and balancing a checkbook, on a regular basis. You can use Microsoft Office to
streamline many of these tasks.
Note: Please be sure not to include any personal information of a sensitive nature in the
documents you create to be submitted to your instructor for this exercise. Later on, you
can update the documents with such information for your own personal use.
1. Start Word, and open a new document, if necessary.
2. In the document, type a list of all the personal, work, and/or school tasks you do on
a regular basis.
3. For each task, identify the type of Office file (document, workbook, presentation, or
database) you would create to complete that task. For example, you would create a
Word document to write a letter.
4. For each file, identify the Office program you would use to create that file, and
explain why you would use that program. For example, Word is the best program to
use to create a document for a letter.
5. Save the document with an appropriate filename in an appropriate folder location.
6. Use a Web browser to visit the Microsoft Web site at and
research the different Office 2007 suites available. Determine which suite includes
all the programs you need to complete the tasks on your list.
7. At the end of the task list you created in your Word document, type which Office
suite you decided on and a brief explanation of why you chose that suite. Then save
the document.
8. Double-click the Home tab on the Ribbon to minimize the Ribbon to show only the
tab names and extend the workspace area. At the end of the Word document, type
your opinion of whether minimizing the Ribbon is a helpful feature. When you’re
done, double-click the Home tab to display the full Ribbon.
9. Print the finished document, and then submit it to your instructor.
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