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Tutorial 4
Creating Forms and
Creating a Customer Data Form, a Customer
Contracts Form, and a Customers and
Contracts Report
Session 4.1
• Create a form using the
Form Wizard
• Modify a form’s design
in Layout view
• Change a form’s
• Add a picture to a form
• Change the color, line
type, and position of
items on a form
• Navigate a form and
find data using a form
• Maintain table data
using a form
• Preview and print
selected form records
Case | Belmont Landscapes
Oren Belmont wants to continue enhancing the Belmont database to make it
easier for his staff to enter, locate, and maintain data. In particular, he wants the
database to include a form based on the Customer table to make it easier for
employees to enter and change data about the firm’s customers. He also wants
the database to include a form that shows data from both the Customer and
Contract tables at the same time. This form will show the contract information
for each customer along with the corresponding customer data, providing a
complete picture of Belmont Landscapes’ customers and their contracts.
Session 4.2
• Create a form with a
main form and a
• Create a report using
the Report Wizard
• Modify a report’s
design in Layout view
• Move and resize fields
in a report
• Insert a picture in
a report
• Change the font color
of a report title
• Use conditional for-
matting in a report
• Preview and print
a report
In addition, Taylor Sico would like the database to include a formatted report of
customer and contract data so that employees will have printed output when
completing market analyses and planning strategies for selling Belmont Land-
scapes’ services to customers. She wants the information to be formatted in a
professional manner, to make the report appealing and easy to use.
Starting Data Files
Belmont.accdb (cont.)
Supplier.accdb (cont.)
Fitness.accdb (cont.)
Pinehill.accdb (cont.) Weights.bmp
GEM.accdb (cont.)
Rossi.accdb (cont.)
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