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After viewing the form, Oren decides that he doesn’t like the form’s style. The font
color of the field names is somewhat light, making the names a bit difficult to read. Also,
he wants the colors used in the form to reflect the landscaping business. He also suggests
adding a graphic to the form, for visual interest, and perhaps modifying other form ele-
ments, such as the color of certain text, the type of line used for the text boxes, and so
on. You can make all of these changes working with the form in Layout view.
Modifying a Form’s Design in Layout View
After you create a form, you might need to modify its design to improve its appearance
or to make the form easier to use. Layout view allows you to modify many aspects of a
form’s layout and design. In Layout view, you see the form as it appears in Form view, but
you can still modify the form’s design; in Form view, you cannot make any design
changes. Because you can see the form and its data while you are modifying the form,
Layout view makes it easy for you to see the results of any design changes you make. You
can continue to make changes, undo modifications, and rework the design in Layout
view to achieve the look you want for the form.
The first modification you’ll make to the Customer Data form is to change its
Some form design changes
require you to switch to
Design view, which gives
you a more detailed view
of the form’s structure.
Changing a Form’s AutoFormat
You can change a form’s appearance by choosing a different AutoFormat for the form. As
you learned when you created the Customer Data form, an AutoFormat is a predefined
style for a form (or report). The AutoFormats available for a form are the ones you saw
when you selected the form’s style using the Form Wizard. To change an AutoFormat, you
first need to switch to Layout view.
Changing a Form’s AutoFormat
| Reference Window
• Display the form in Layout view.
• In the AutoFormat group on the Form Layout Tools Format tab, click the More button.
• In the displayed gallery, click the AutoFormat you want to apply; or, click AutoFormat
Wizard to open the AutoFormat dialog box, click the name of the AutoFormat you want to
apply, and then click the OK button.
To change the AutoFormat for the Customer Data form:
1. In the Views group on the Home tab, click the View button. The form is displayed
in Layout view. See Figure 4-4.
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