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Figure 4-6
Form with new AutoFormat applied and picture added
picture added and
repositioned to the
right of the form title
AutoForm at
to form
orange outline around
main form area indicates
the form is selected
Trouble? Don’t be concerned if your picture is not in the exact location as the one
shown in Figure 4-6. Just make sure the picture is not blocking any part of the form
title, and appears to the right of the form title and above the main part of the form.
The addition of the picture to the form provides more color and visual interest. Next,
Oren asks you to change the color of the form title to a light blue so that it will coordi-
nate better with the picture next to the title.
Changing the Color of the Form Title
The Font group on the Form Layout Tools Format tab provides many options you can use to
change the appearance of text on a form. For example, you can bold, italicize, and underline
text; change the font, font color, and font size; and change the alignment of text. Next, you’ll
change the color of the title “Customer Data” on the form to a light blue.
To change the color of the form’s title text:
1. Click anywhere in the title Customer Data at the top of the form (not on the form
tab). An orange outline appears around the words to indicate the text is selected.
Trouble? If a white box with the insertion point appears at the location of the
title, you most likely double-clicked the title by mistake and changed to editing
mode. Press the Esc key to move out of editing mode. The title should now be
selected and you can continue to Step 2.
2. In the Font group on the Form Layout Tools Format tab, click the arrow on the Font
Color button to display the gallery of available colors. The gallery provides
colors for Access themes and standard colors, as well as an option for creating a
custom color.
3. In the Access Theme Colors palette, place the pointer over the fourth color box in
the second row of boxes. The ScreenTip indicates this is the Access Theme 4 color.
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