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4. Click the color box for Access Theme 4 .
5. Click in a blank area of the main form to deselect the title text. The light blue color
is applied to the form title, tying it to the picture on the form. See Figure 4-7.
Form title with new color applied
Figure 4-7
form title in
light blue font
You have made a couple of changes to the form, and should save it now.
6. Click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the modified form.
Oren suggests a different type of line for the boxes that contain the field values. He
thinks the solid line currently used on the form somewhat overshadows the field values
within the boxes, and that a more subtle type of line might look better and make the field
values easier to read.
Changing the Type of Line on a Form
A line on a form, such as the box around each field value, is another type of control that
you can modify in Layout view. The Controls group provides options for changing the
thickness, type, and color of any line on a form. Next, you’ll change the type of line for
the boxes around the field values on the Customer Data form.
To change the type of line for the field value boxes:
1. Click the field value 11001 for the Customer ID field. An orange outline appears
around the box to indicate it is selected. The field value is also selected, and its
appearance can be modified. See Figure 4-8.
Customer ID field value and box selected
Figure 4-8
options for
modifying the
selected line
orange outline indicates
the field value and its
box (line) are selected
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