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Moving a Field in Layout View
In Layout view, you can reposition fields on a form to improve the form’s appearance or
make it easier to use. You move a field by selecting it and then dragging it to a new loca-
tion on the form. When you move a field, both the field name and the box for the field
value are repositioned.
To move the E-mail Address field to the bottom of the form:
1. Click the field value box for the E-mail Address field. An orange outline appears
around the field value box, and a thin dotted line appears around the field name.
This indicates both are selected.
2. Place the pointer over the selected field until it changes to .
3. Click and drag the pointer down until an orange line appears below the Phone
field. This indicates the new location for the field you are moving. See Figure 4-10.
Moving the E-mail Address field
Figure 4-10
f ield
drag pointer
to here
4. Release the mouse button, and then click in a blank area of the main form to dese-
lect the field. The E-mail Address field is now positioned below the Phone field at
the bottom of the form.
5. Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the form.
6. In the Views group on the Form Layout Tools Format tab, click the View button to
display the form in Form view. See Figure 4-11.
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