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specific records. Now you’ll use the Customer Data form to make the changes Oren
wants to the Customer table.
First, you’ll update the record for the Cherrywood Senior Center. The center has a new
contact person with a new phone number and e-mail address, so you need to update the
First Name, Last Name, Phone, and E-mail Address fields for this customer. Oren happens
to know that the Cherrywood Senior Center is record 22 in the Customer table. If you
know the number of the record you want to view, you can enter the number in the Cur-
rent Record box to move to that record.
To change the record using the Customer Data form:
1. Select 33 in the Current Record box at the bottom of the form, type 22 , and then press
the Enter key. Record 22 (Cherrywood Senior Center) is now the current record.
You need to update the values in the First Name, Last Name, Phone, and E-mail
Address fields with the information for the new contact person at the center,
Dan Lewis.
2. In the First Name field value box, double-click Lisa to select the entry, and then
type Dan .
3. Press the Tab key to move to and select the field value in the Last Name field, and
then type Lewis .
4. Click the insertion point at the end of the field value for the Phone field, press
the Backspace key three times, and then type 890 . The Phone field value is now
5. Click the insertion point before the first character in the E-mail Address field, press
the Delete key seven times to delete the characters before the @ symbol, and then
type dlewis4 . The E-mail Address field value is now The
updates to the record are complete. See Figure 4-14.
Note that the pencil sym-
bol appears in the upper-
left corner of the form,
indicating that the form is
in editing mode.
Customer record after changing field values
Figure 4-14
pencil symbol
e diting mode
field values
Next, Oren asks you to add a record for a new customer. The customer has not yet
returned a signed contract, but Oren expects to receive the contract soon and wants to
be sure the Customer table is updated first with the new customer record. You’ll use the
Customer Data form to add the new record.
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