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To add the new record using the Customer Data form:
1. In the Records group on the Home tab, click the New button. Record 41, the next
available new record, becomes the current record. All field value boxes are empty,
and the insertion point is positioned in the field value box for Customer ID.
2. Refer to Figure 4-15 and enter the value shown for each field. Press the Tab key to
move from field to field.
Figure 4-15
Completed form for the new record
Trouble? Compare your screen with Figure 4-15. If any field value is incorrect,
correct it now, using the methods described earlier for editing field values.
3. After entering the value for the E-mail Address field, press the Tab key. Record 42,
the next available new record, becomes the current record, and the record for
Customer ID 11090 is saved in the Customer table.
Oren would like a printed copy of the record for the new customer only. He wants to
give the printout to a staff member as a reminder to look for the new contract for this
customer when it comes in.
Previewing and Printing Selected Form Records
Access prints as many form records as can fit on a printed page. If only part of a form
record fits on the bottom of a page, the remainder of the record prints on the next page.
Access allows you to print all pages or a range of pages. In addition, you can print the
currently selected form record.
Before printing record 41, the record for Lily’s Boutique, you’ll preview the form
record to see how it will look when printed.
To preview the form and print the data for record 41:
1. Click the Previous record navigation button
to redisplay record 41.
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