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2. Click the Office Button , point to Print , and then click Print Preview . The Print
Preview window opens, showing the form records for the Customer table. Notice
that each record appears in its own form. See Figure 4-16.
Form records displayed in Print Preview
Figure 4-16
Print Preview
tab contains
options for
viewing and
printing the
form and
If you clicked the Print button now, all the records for the table would be printed,
beginning with the first record.
3. In the Close Preview group on the Print Preview tab, click the Close Print Preview
button. You return to the form in Form view.
The record that you need to print (for Lily’s Boutique) is currently displayed in the
form. To print selected records, you use the Print dialog box.
4. Click the Office Button
, point to Print , and then click Print . The Print dialog
box opens.
5. Click the Selected Record(s) option button to print the current form record
(record 41).
Trouble? Check with your instructor to be sure you should print the form; then
continue to the next step. If you should not print the form, click the Cancel button,
and then skip to Step 7.
6. Click the OK button to close the dialog box and to print the selected record.
7. Close the Customer Data form.
8. If you are not continuing to Session 4.2, click the Close button on the program
window title bar. Access closes the Belmont database, and then the Access pro-
gram closes.
The Customer Data form will enable Oren and his staff to enter and maintain data eas-
ily in the Customer table. In the next session, you’ll create another form for working with
data in both the Customer and Contract tables at the same time. You’ll also create a
report showing data from both tables.
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